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Metal roofs used to be installed on sheds and small buildings as quick and simple projects, but entire homes are now benefiting from these strong and durable materials. From scalloped shapes to long, vertical seams, metal roofs are available in multiple textures, styles and colors. When Aurora roofing professionals estimate a metal roof installation, homeowners should learn about the key differences between this material and standard shingles.

Listening to nail guns during a standard shingle installation is common for homeowners, but metal roofs need more fastener security. Each panel requires screws to hold it safely to trusses below. Screws have threads that actually lock into place, unlike nails. Smooth nails can easily pull out under heavy winds, making one or more panels vulnerable to complete detachment. Although screws take more time to install, these fasteners will hold the installation tight with no foreseeable leaks in the future.

Homeowners have a chance to save on installation costs if they use an overlay strategy. If roofers deem that an older shingle installation is stable, metal panels can be added right to the surface. There's no extra labor to tear off the old shingles, for instance.

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They actually create another moisture barrier for the roof deck below.

Whether homeowners choose an overlay or tear off project style, there must be airflow just beneath the metal panels. Contractors often add a vapor retarder under the metal to reduce condensation occurrences, for example. Any moisture that does condense under the metal can simply slide down and off the roof using the retarder. If airflow doesn't remain open within this space, humid air cannot escape. Moisture damage can quickly grow as ventilation continues to suffer. Roofers ensure a strong airflow to keep the entire structure free from decay, rot and mold.

All metal installations require underlayment, such as overlaid shingles, roofing felt and retarders. All these layers contribute to noise reduction during rainstorms. Although metal will ring when struck by rain or other items, underlayment insulates the structure from any frustrating interior sounds.

If homeowners are concerned about installation investment, metal roofs are actually affordable when calculating costs over the roof's lifespan. Instead of lasting around 30 years, metal roofs are known to protect a home for 50 years. This extra time is perfect for residents who want to remain in the home for several decades after the installation. Homeowners may never replace a roof again with this strong material.

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