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Aurora Roofing: Article About Innovation In Steep Slope Roofing Systems

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In the realm of Aurora roofing, most commercial roofs are built with low slope roofing systems, and most residential roofs have steep slope roofing systems. Low slope roofs have a pitch of less than 14 degrees, or a slope of less than 3:12, and steep slope roofs have a pitch that exceeds 14 degrees. Residential roofing most often consists of steep slope roofs, which are built in a very different way from low slope roofs. Here is a rundown of what makes up a steep slope roofing system.

Steep slope roofs are built with three layers; the lowermost is the roof deck, which serves as the structural basis for the roof and is typically made of plywood or strand board. The middle layer is known as the underlayment, a reinforced, waterproof paper or felt material laid over the roof deck during construction to protect it from the elements. The outermost layer is the roof covering, which is the visible part that most homeowners deliberate over when deciding on roofing materials.

Roof coverings are meant to shed water from the roof whenever it rains, preventing moisture from entering the building. Steep slope roof coverings are assembled out of overlapping components that direct water down from the roof and into gutters. Common materials include asphalt, clay tile, metal panels or shingles, slate, wood shakes and shingles, and synthetic shingles.

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Asphalt shingles are extremely common on residential roofs throughout the United States, but buildings in regions with distinct architectural styles may predominantly use clay tile, slate or wood. A novel roof covering for steep slope roofs has emerged: Decra metal roofing takes advantages from all the roofing types mentioned above and combines them to form a singularly durable roofing material.

Decra metal roof coverings, which combine the durability of steel with the aesthetic merits of slate, asphalt and clay tile roof coverings, are gaining traction on residential roofs. Decra metal coverings come in a variety of shingle shapes and colors and are fundamentally composed of steel coated in an aluminum zinc alloy, the surface of which is overlaid with a stone chip finish bonded by acrylic. This roofing material is highly resistant to damage, and the colors do not wash out after prolonged UV exposure. Though expensive, this new roofing type is a boon for those looking for aesthetically pleasing, highly durable roofing materials, and it will likely come to compete with more common roofing materials for its safety and value as a residential investment. It is especially useful on steep slope roofs.

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