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An important component of the roofing process is insulation. Insulation ensures added comfort and efficiency to a property and can be a cost effective mechanism when properly installed by an Aurora roofing expert. It provides a layer of thermal resistance around the exterior walls of a building that keeps the house cool during the summer season and warm during winters. Insulation material is typically installed between the structure of the house and the exterior tiles or shingles on the roof, though other parts of the house may also be insulated. Numerous studies have concluded that proper insulation can reduce costs of heating and cooling the house by up to 15% by preventing a loss of energy to the outside environment.

Insulation is usually installed in the upper levels of the house (primarily the attic region) that are most exposed to weather conditions. The concept of insulation revolves around basic principles of thermal physics. When a house is being heated during the winter seasons, heat tends to rise and escape if the property is not adequately insulated. Colder air tends to seep into the house at the same time, which means a greater need for heating over longer periods of time. The same phenomenon occurs during summers with the cooling process. Proper insulation can keep the house warmer or cooler by up to 40%. It can also extend a roof's performance and long term durability.

Different forms of insulation are available on the market.

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These include cellulose or fiberglass, wood fiber, natural wool and polyester foam. For houses with a small loft, contractors also use a spray foam as a form of roofing insulation. When preparing to purchase insulation, it is important to consider the long term benefits and savings incurred from each of these materials, as opposed to considering only the material and installation costs.

Insulation effectiveness is measured by a specific metric known as the R value. All types of widely available insulation can provide adequate R value with proper installation. Cellular glass insulation can be sprayed onto the exterior surfaces, and it forms closed cells that prevent the escape of energy to the outside environment. Fiber glass insulation is installed in larger individual pieces between the structure and the outside shingles and serves the same function. Wood fiber is made up of cane and vegetable fibers, and it improves absorption of moisture as well. Natural wool and polyester are more expensive options, but that translates effectively into better performance over a longer period of time. Sheets or strips of natural wool or polyester are installed between the outermost surfaces of the property. Any of these options can effectively prevent the energy loss or heat absorption through the roof and walls when properly installed. The material used should be carefully chosen with the consultation of professional roofing contractors based on specific property needs.

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