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When homeowners speak to Aurora roofing professionals about a new installation, residents may wonder about the latest material innovations. Solar panels have been around for decades, but many homeowners shy away from these additions because of their appearance and weight factor. Solar roofing shingles, however, are making energy production easier and more attractive to numerous homeowners. It's critical to understand solar roofing features to see if this technological marvel is right for a household.

Solar shingles appear black or dark blue because of their internal photovoltaic cells. Also known as solar cells, these electronic components absorb and convert sunlight into electrical current. Homeowners should take a close look at solar shingles to match their color to a home's exterior decor. Because most roofs are relatively dark in color, solar shingles enhance almost all surfaces with a dramatic hue.

A major limitation with solar roofing is orientation. Roofers must verify that a property can even use solar components effectively. A roof must have a slight pitch, allowing it to catch either westerly, southerly or easterly sunlight angles. Contractors must examine flat and steep slope roofs carefully, however. Some properties might work with a solar array, but many homes could be poor candidates for energy production. Solar cells need direct access to sunlight for about six hours each day to truly create usable energy.

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It's not necessary to have the entire rooftop covered in solar shingles. Similar to solar panels, only a few square feet of rooftop must be specialized shingles. The remaining rooftop is made of traditional shingles matching in color to the solar types. No wires will be seen from the roof's surface either, allowing all shingle types to blend in together. Solar shingle wires are hidden under the material, or the shingles feature wireless technology.

Homeowners will be pleased to note that solar roofing only requires basic preventive maintenance. Contractors will add extra troubleshooting steps, such as verifying electrical connections, but other examination points are equivalent to standard shingles. Property owners should always hire a roofer after a severe storm to verify proper roof functionality. Otherwise, they can ask for preventive maintenance once or twice a year to keep the surface in perfect shape.

Because solar roofing is a relatively new concept, homeowners should research their contractors carefully. If neighbors have an attractive solar array, for example, speaking to them about a referral is ideal. Word of mouth and online reviews are some of the best outlets to narrow down an experienced solar contractor. A trusted professional can install and service the home for years afterward.

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