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Aurora roofing professionals know that the roof is the most important structure in the home. Homeowners are rightly concerned when they see abnormal conditions affecting their roof. At times, misconceptions about roofing materials and their use can lead a homeowner to mistakenly believe that their contractor used shoddy products or did a poor job during the installation.

An example of this is misconceptions about how ice dams form on an asphalt roof. One misconception is that ice dams form because roofing materials have been incorrectly installed or are defective. The truth is, ice dams are not caused by roofing materials, nor do they stem from poor installation. Ice dams occur when the cold air in the soffits comes in contact with the warm air from shingles above the soffit.

Some homeowners think that adding ice resistant materials to their rooftop during a reroofing job will prevent ice dams from forming, or will, at least, prevent the water intrusion that ice dams cause. However, the truth is that even a brand new asphalt roof with water shield protection cannot prevent the formation of ice dams. All roofs, regardless of their age, are designed to shed water and prevent water intrusion.

Another misconception that homeowners may have is that ice dams cannot damage shingles. However, when ice dams form, the shingle seals lift and may not properly reseal.

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This may lead to future leakage problems.

Additionally, some roofing myths suggest that ice dams only damage the immediate area of the roof where they form. The truth is that ice dams are potentially very dangerous. As the weather warms up, the shingles and gutters heat up and ice dams can detach and fall off. This can cause damage to property and can put the homeowner at risk of being liable for any injury or damage.

Some homeowners choose not to remove ice dams because they think it is too expensive to hire a contractor to do the work. However, it is typically much less expensive to remove snow buildup and ice dams before they cause serious internal damage. Once a leak forms in the roof, a homeowner will not only need to remove the snow and ice, they will also need to repair the roof as well as any damage that is caused to the drywall, ceiling, paint and insulation.

Homeowners should take the time to become as informed as possible about the health of their roof. The roof is the most important structure of the home, and weathering elements, including rain and snow, can impact it severely.

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