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One of the primary advantages of fiberglass insulation revolves around the fact that once purchased and installed, no further costs occur. The energy savings last permanently and actually increase in value when the cost of heating and cooling homes inevitably rises. Here's a rundown of the installation process.

When a home under construction reaches the phase that involves installing insulation in walls and ceilings, installation crews benefit from easy access to those spaces. Homeowners wishing to supplement existing insulation, however, do not enjoy the same ease of access. Aurora roofing companies offer an effective solution in the form of loose fill insulation. During a roofing project involving the removal of the old roof, they can easily remove a portion of the roof sheathing to gain convenient access to the insulation in an attic space. In some instances, they cut a hole and then patch it after insulation installation prior to the new roof installation. A different scenario involves gaining access to the attic through the access panel on the ceiling below the attic.

Either approach uses loose fill fiberglass insulation compressed into manageable, cubic bundles. One person feeds the bundles into the hopper of a machine sitting on the ground somewhere outside the house. An auger inside the machine breaks the compressed insulation apart. A powerful fan forces the insulation up a large diameter hose, mixing it with air along the length of the hose.

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This process adds millions of tiny air pockets. The second member of the crew than sprays the insulation evenly over the top of the existing insulation. This person must exercise caution to avoid stepping on areas of the ceiling other than the ceiling joists that can support a person's weight. It also requires special care to avoid blocking eave events that supply outside air to attic spaces for purposes of temperature and moisture control. Insulation baffles provide the solution to this requirement. Any recessed lighting fixtures receive a specially designed cap that maintains the proper safe distance between the fixture and the insulation without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Unlike rolls or batts of insulation, the area covered by loose fill insulation varies according to the depth of insulation desired. The goal for ceilings in Colorado is from R49 to R60. To add an insulation factor of R30, one bundle covers about 65 square feet or approximately 15 bundles for every 1,000 square feet of attic space.

Including the necessary prep work, an experienced crew of two requires only about four hours for completing most attics. That breaks down into 2.5 hours of prep work and 1.5 hours of insulation blowing.

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