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Roof inspections are performed on buildings for a number of purposes throughout the year. Whether it's to perform routine maintenance or examine the roof for storm damage, there are several reasons to schedule the inspection periodically. With the help of an Aurora roofing professional, there are a few steps to expect from the process.

The main component of roofs that a professional will inspect are the shingles or tiles that are installed on the home. If any of the materials were installed poorly when the roof was first built, it will immediately be noted to ensure that they are replaced. If the tiles or shingles are coming loose on the home or look as if they could fall off, the professional may add cement underneath to secure them to the building. The nails and angled fasteners will also be examined to look for any parts that are coming loose and need to be nailed or fastened back in. This will prevent any of the roofing materials from falling off in the middle of a storm.

A roof inspection will also include looking for areas where termites or raccoons have made a home on the structure. If the critters are discovered, the area will be inspected to determine if the animal or insect caused damage to the home and what repairs need to be made.

The expert roofers at Roof Worx of Aurora can assist you with any questions regarding shingle roofing or gutter guards.

If the fall or winter season is coming, the roof may also be prepped to protect it from damage that can occur with the change in weather. Tie downs may be used to secure the roof to the walls of the home and the flashing may be inspected for rust.

Another part of the inspection process includes cleaning out the rain gutters of debris that may have accumulated in the past few months from nearby trees. This will promote proper water flow on the roof by redirecting the rainwater or melted snow on the home. The metal structure of the gutters will also be examined to identify if any leaks have developed and if the product needs to be replaced.

Many homeowners may be aware of leaks that are present due to moisture that has developed on ceilings. It's important to discuss this with a professional roofer to ensure that they discover the source of the leak. They may access the attic with a flashlight to find areas where moisture is present and if water stains have developed near the roof boards.

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