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A home's roof not only protects the entire structure and everything inside of it, but also plays a significant role in the home's energy usage. From the conduction of the sun's heat through the shingles to the attic, much of the homeowner's comfort level is directly associated with the roof's performance. With professional guidance from an experienced Aurora roofing contractor, homeowners can use these top 4 strategies to lower their home's energy consumption.

A home performance evaluation is an inexpensive but highly effective way for a homeowner to learn more about inefficiencies in their home's insulation, roofing, lighting and appliances. A professional audit is performed by a roofer, utility company specialist or an engineer with experience in home construction and design. The process takes just a few hours. About one week later, the homeowner should receive a written report discussing the auditor's findings, a detailed cost benefit analysis of recommended improvements and a priority list for making the house more energy efficient. If these findings do not show any problems with the roof, then the property owner could focus their funds on other home improvement projects. However, if the roof does need modifications, these should take priority.

The next step in making a home more energy efficient requires the homeowner to find a roofing contractor with experience in green designs.

The roofing companies experts at Roof Worx of Aurora can assist you with any questions regarding roof leak repair or gutter guards.

Roofers may offer environmentally friendly materials such as ceramic or slate tiles or corrugated metal roofing with reflective epoxy coatings and radiant barriers. The roofing crew can also install foam core board insulation or thermal insulation to help stop the absorption of solar energy into the home's attic space. A fully insulated rooftop that meets the U.S. Department of Energy's recommendations for R values can make a home more comfortable and help the owners save money on heating and air conditioning costs.

While the roofing contractors are working on the house, the property owner can have the crew do some air sealing. By using spray foam, caulking and weather stripping, warm summertime air won't be able to leak inside while cold wintertime air will stay outdoors where it belongs. Air sealing is affordable and the caulk and other products have a lifespan ranging from 3 to 20 years or longer, depending on the amount of exposure they have to the elements.

Once the professionals have sealed, insulated and otherwise improved the home, all the homeowner needs to do is relax and enjoy. An energy efficient home is more comfortable and costs less to heat and cool.

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