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When Aurora roofing contractors are hired to install or repair a roof, they usually provide the necessary roofing shingles and include that cost in the estimate. Some homeowners, however, opt to purchase their own asphalt shingles, and there are two primary reasons for doing so: greater control over the specifics of the shingles used and reduced costs. It's worth noting that reduced costs may not apply to most homeowners in this case, since contractors often have access to discounts that the average consumer doesn't. They can usually offer the homeowner the best deal, therefore.

Shingle manufacturing is a highly competitive business, and this is good for the consumer. Prices are kept relatively low, and there are only a dozen or so shingle manufacturers in the U.S., and they all produce a very high quality product. Nevertheless, when homeowners opt to choose their own shingles, there are still many factors to consider. There are local prices, current manufacturer promotions, basic warranties, extended warranties, characteristics and features. Important characteristics to consider include flame spread rating, wind zone rating and impact resistance, and popular features to consider include color, algae resistance and solar reflectivity.

Shingles are sold in bundles and squares.

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A shingle square includes enough asphalt shingle to cover 100 square feet of roof, and each square includes three bundles. This means that a bundle covers about 33.3 square feet. Most roofs have a square footage that's divisible by 100, which makes calculating the number of squares easy. It's also a good idea to have a little extra to account for damaged shingles and future repairs, so, if purchasing for a 24,000 square foot roof, it is ideal to purchase at least 241 squares.

Don't simply accept the face value of shingles. There's margin there for negotiation, and if a homeowner is purchasing tens or more of squares, most sellers will negotiate a bulk discount. It's also worthwhile to negotiate extra materials and refunds in advance. In doing so, if a homeowner underestimates, he or she can get the needed material at the discounted price, and if a homeowner overestimates, he or she can return the excess material. For future shingle repairs, keeping a bundle is usually enough.

Homeowners who are purchasing the shingles themselves should have the negotiations finalized and the shingles on their premises before the contractors arrive. Ordering the shingles a month in advance isn't a bad idea because a contractor may be ahead of schedule and ask to start early. Store shingles in a cool, dry place, and avoid stacking squares and bundles on top of each other.

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