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Metal roofing is emerging as a popular option in public buildings and private houses. Whereas traditional choices for roofing are cedar, asphalt or tiles, more and more people are now opting for metal roofs. There are different metals that can be used for roofing purposes including tin, aluminum, copper and galvanized steel. Each metal offers its own set of benefits ranging from anticorrosion to durability to the weight of the roof. Metal roofing is a sound alternative to traditional roofs and comes with its share of positives and negatives.

On the positive side, metal roofs are durable. A metal roof installed by an Aurora roofing expert can last a very long time and may not need replacement at all. It is effective in terms of protection against strong winds, extreme temperatures and water leakages. At most, the roof would require a simple paint job and that only after a few decades.

They can also be energy efficient. Depending on the material used, a metal roof can act as a natural insulator by reflecting solar heat and significantly reducing energy expenses. This is particularly useful in keeping the house cool during the summer periods.

Metal roofs are effective at resisting the elements as well. With traditional roofs, contractors strongly advise inspection especially after rainy summers and snowy winters that can incur damage onto the roof in a number of ways.

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Metal roofing avoids these problems due to high shedding and low susceptibility to leakages and cracks.

In case of a fire, metal roofs provide greater security for the house. This is because most metal materials used in the construction of roofs are nonflammable and have a Class A rating providing the greatest resistance against fires.

Finally, metal roofs are versatile. A number of metal materials can be used for roofing purposes. Most are significantly lighter compared to traditional options and do not extensively burden the foundations of the house. Modern houses are equipped with different shapes and colors of metal roofs.

There are a few downsides to metal roofing. The strongest deterrent to metal roofing is its initial cost. Though a case can be made in terms of long term savings, it is undeniable that metal roofs have a larger upfront cost. The metal sheets can also be prone to denting whether from falling tree branches or hailstones. This can leave a permanent mark on the exterior of the roof. A metal roof is bound to produce more noise, especially during rain. Whether this is soothing or maddening depends on the owner. Thankfully, these roofs can easily be soundproofed through insulation.

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